Wednesday 1 February 2017

Why is the Significance of Organic Keywords Decreasing?

Although the industry of search engine optimization has progressed over the period of time, however, the relevance and success of the SEO are questioned by some. For instance, the keyword ranking techniques are one of the prominent features of the SEO, most of the product owners like to get the high ranking in order to increase the traffic and to improve the overall repute of the brands. However, the new developments in the sector of paid advertising, and focus on the universal search and query-based content have decreased the value of the old style of keyword ranking to large extent. Therefore, most of the experts in the SEO and digital marketing people are concerned with the degree of assets and time involved in achieving the target of organic ranking

Keyword Rankings
In the past, one of the successful ways of securing the online customers relied on getting the high organic position, according to the ranking of popular search engines, as the experts were interested in saving money spent on the paid advertisement of the products or showed hesitation to use the means of e-mail marketing. However, with the evolution of the social media at an unprecedented rate, the attention was limited to the websites and people were warming up to the idea of video marketing. In the simple world, the famous social media sites targeted the young audiences who study in universities or those who prefer to blog in addition to emerging new options for online marketing. As a result, the product owners got exposure to the increasing power of the non-traditional media power and it opened up new markets for them. Therefore, the contemporary times offer various forms of options to promote the products due to the exponential level of connectivity and interaction provided by the boom in the non-traditional media or social media platforms and Amazon SEO. For instance, the number of blogs and online apps to help you with almost everything has become quite popular. But the negative consequence of the increasing options is that the credibility of the organic keyword ranking is threatened.

New Niche Focuses on Conversions Rather than Site Traffic
If one compares the market dynamics with the contemporary setting, it becomes clear that client’s preferred to spend money on links and various keywords, as the viable mode of connection or reaching out to the audience was organic ranking in the past. Likewise, the online presence of the brands was also enhanced manifolds. However, in the backdrop of the uncountable options to attract or appeal to the niches, the means have become convenient even for the conversion and right environment. For example, the digital market enables the product owners to increase the quality conversions rather than relying on the traditional means to improve the traffic outcomes without any guarantees to transform the access of the visitors into real sales or desired outcomes. Moreover, another problem of the keyword ranking is that the target market can access the website or content site without aligning with the content or really engaging with the page. In addition, if your brand is at the top of the list of search engines, it does not imply that all those people visiting your web page will pay for the product, as the keyword merely determine the number of the people accessing your content.

On the other hand, the merit of the social media is that the market reach is bigger than the impact of the keyword ranking, as the effectiveness of the social platforms is more than the traditional ways in terms of finding the like-minded people or required audience. Similarly, the task of finding the right products is also easy for the customers or users. Also, the reach of the brands to engage with the customers is more convenient in terms of building the repute or image of the brand and interacting with the audience. In simple words, the keyword ranking is not influencing particularly when it comes to the social media, as the chances of engaging are less due to the absence of the link between the brand and the audiences.

Premier keyword Rankings is decreasing
Most of the famous search engines are not only providing you the required information, but they run as the business. Therefore, the strategies are aimed at making inclusive changes in the wake of the developments taking place in the digital world. For instance, the user experience is one of the main goals of the search engines, which should be of high quality so that the user keeps coming back to the search engine for certain query or problem. Likewise, the option of personalized search or options in the local dynamics is one of the priorities of the users, which ultimately decreases the significance of the keyword ranking and it can make it obsolete in the long term.

Blending of Paid ads with Organic Results
In addition to the aforementioned reasons, the paid and product ads to get the high level of queries are another contributing factor in diminishing the value of the keyword ranking. As a result, the CTR of almost every organic position or rank is lessened. For instance, the CTR of the first position on the famous search engine was thirty-one per cent in the year of 2014 and the fourth rank was able to bring the seven per cent of the CTR, which means that the new mixed search results of the pages can provide better organic results in terms of influencing the traffic of a site.
New Features
Furthermore, the capability of the search engine to handle the query and demands of the users seems to increase without having to go through the middle web sites or content pages due to the introduction of the new features and free products such as snippets and different definitions. Moreover, all those content pages and websites that rely on the high traffic of the users and the ad rates results also involve the role of these new snippets. So, the main purpose of a snippet is to enhance the user experience in terms of providing the desired results and customized results of problems. Additionally, the snippets help to enhance the CTR by decreasing the power of the traditional ranking system.

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